Frecce tricolore airshow

Frecce Tricolore airshow
Frecce Tricolore airshow

There was a fantastic Frecce Tricolore airshow that we attended nearby in San Cataldo yesterday with friends.
We all had lunch together and watched the whole thing unfold over the bay, from our location at lovely beachside restaurant that our friends had recommended and pre-booked.
Guests of ours from Villa Suzannah also attended the show themselves and described it as “brilliant”.
This is our second time in 7 years to watch the airshow that includes the Italian airforce acrobatics display team the “Frecce Tricolore” (Tricolour arrows)
They were just as enjoyable to watch this time as they were last time and with both occasions located less than 20 minutes from our villas, both the shows were very convenient for ourselves and also our guests.
The show started with a Naval helicopter flying the Italian flag. It continued with a pair of light gyrocopters, and then a pair of vintage bi-planes accompanied by a monoplane WW2 era trainer.

Four light, training aircraft undertook an acrobatic display whilst trailing twin red and yellow coloured smoke streams to commemorate the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain.

There was various other acrobatic aircraft on display, which included two extended wing, long endurance, high altitude propeller planes. These planes preformed extremely close formation flying with barely feet beteen them.

The highlight of the show was of course when the Frecce Triclore airshow really reached its finale as the Italian airforce acrobatic display squadron entered the sky with some amazing high speed, tight formation flying, exploding into twisting agile turns whilst trailing the red, white and green coloured smoke streams.

My greatest admiration during the afternoon show, goes to the pilot of the military transport plane who was barrel rolling, loop the looping and nose diving – which was somewhat akin to stunt driving in a double-decker bus.

Many more photos of the Frecce Tricolore airshow display can be found in the album on our Facebook page …