PaoloLeo winery and vineyard tour

PaoloLeo winery

Guests in one of our Villas recently enjoyed a visit to the PaoloLeo winery and vineyards.

The excursion began with a tour of the vineyards with an English speaking guide. The different culture and growing regime suited to the different varieties of grape was simply explained. This was followed by a tour of the production facilities of the privately owned PaoloLeo winery.

PaoloLeo winery produces a wide range of wines. These include the rich, strong reds created from the Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes. Light and fruity white wines are produced from the Malvasia and the Fiano grapes of Ancient Rome. Primitivo grapes also create a fresh and well rounded rosé wine made under a different method of production. The grapes can be harvested by a combination of either hand or also mechanical harvesting. The method of harvest is deependant on the different cultural regimes.

The grapes are trucked in from the vineyards and tipped into the crushing hoppers. Here the grapes are crushed and the stems, leaves and twigs are removed. A conveyor takes this debris from the separators and then an elevator removes it and drops it into a lorry. This debris is then spread back onto the vineyards as an organic mulch.

The pulped grape juice is taken and then sieved to remove the bulk of the solids. The resultant liquid passes into the pneumatic wine press. Air pressure then gently forces the liquid through fine sieves, where all traces of the skin, pith and pips of the grapes (the “must” ) are removed.

Under a separate process, the must is then mixed with water and fermented. The fermented brew is then distilled to make various types of Grappa. The grape juice meanwhile is pumped into fermentation towers. The towers are kept at a carefully controlled temperature of 17°C to ensure even quality fermentation.

Once fermented, the raw wine is then clarified and stored in maturation towers. Once this is complete, the wine is then bottled, labelled, crated on site and then it is distributed under the PaoloLeo winery own brand.

The best wines are further matured in oaken casks, of various sizes for different periods of time. The oak tannins in the cask wood, impart particular nuances of flavour over time to the wines stored in them. The casks are kept in a constant temperature, constant humidity enviroment to ensure thje best quality from the different wines.

Set amongst these same wine barrels, we were seated on heavy timber chairs in front of a rustic wooden table for this part of our visit.

To accompany the wine tasting, PaoloLeo winery laid on a wonderful lunch of traditional local food for our guests. A selection of different wine was served throughout the meal, with expert advice and explanation from Marco our English-speaking guide and wine expert.

It was a lovely finish to the very interesting and enjoyable excursion. Afterwards, full and happy, we visited their on-site wine shop and outlet to purchase some of the same wines that our guests and ourselves had enjoyed during our visit.

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Thank you Marco and PaoloLeo winery for such a great day out.