Canne della Battaglia

The long deserted Roman town of Canne is situated on the small hill known locally as the Monte di Canne, (Mount of Canne ) and strategically located six miles inland, beside the river Aufidus now called by the modern name of the Ofanto river. Only a village in the era of the Roman Republic, it […]

Castallana Grotte

The cave systems of Castellana Grotte are located near the town from which they are named, southwest of Bari in the low hills near Alberobello. Formed millennia ago by water flow erosion through the Karst limestone, the dark seemingly bottomless hole was suspected of being the lair of dread and unnamed terrors by the superstitious […]

Castel del Monte

Rising from a tree crowned hilltop and commanding panoramic views in all directions, Castel del Monte was constructed in the middle of nowhere. With no town to protect, mountain pass to contest or a river crossing to defend – the reason for the choice of its location is not obvious. An official UN World heritage […]

Egnazia the Dead City

Todays dead and abandoned, ruined city of Egnazia, stretches back 3,500 years. With an original mix of Greek Illyrian settlers and local Messapian inhabitants, it was founded in approx 1,600 BC during the Copper Age. Described in the first century BC by Strabo using its Greek name of Gnathia, and visited by the Roman poet […]

Zinzulusa Caves

There are many caves systems above and below the coasts of the Salento, the most renowned of which are the Caves of Zinzulusa. Odd stone formations twist into a hanging ceiling, these mineral deposits gave the caves their name by resembling old rags or “zinzuli” in the regions dialect language. Formed over the ages by […]

Zoo Safari “Fasano-Landia”

Tired of lounging around the pool all day ? Overdone the beach ? Children and other companions complaining of Culture overdose. Then maybe its time for some entertainment and fun. There is no better diversion than taking a trip to the Zoo-Safari Park in Fasano. Situated just 40 minutes drive from our Villas, it is […]