Casalabate is a seaside holiday village situated about 2 kms south of Villa Sun Beach, and approx three kms south from our other holiday homes of Villa Nicola and Villa Suzannah in the village of Lendinuso, and about 4kms from Villa Azzurra. The village has a long history and today is part of the huge […]


Just a five minute stroll from the peaceful location of both Villa Nicola and Villa Suzannah, and less than ten minute walk from Villa Sun Beach, the seaside holiday village of Lendinuso is under the administrative control of the Comune of Torchiarolo and is located in the province of Brindisi. Like many holiday villages which […]

San Pietro Vernotico

The town of San Pietro Vernotico with a population of over twenty thousand is approx 10kms from any of our “PlaceinPuglia” holiday Villas. Situated inland, the towns history dates back to original settlements founded in 500 BC. The Church of St Peter the Apostle was built in the settlement which was then named “Vernotico” in […]


The town of Torchiarolo, situated just 5 kms inland from any of our seaside holiday Villas, is the administrative seat of the Comune of Torchiarolo which also administers the seaside villages of Torre San Gennaro and Lendinuso. The extensive Roman ruins of a large country manor is situated at “Valesio” on the outskirts of the […]

Torre San Gennaro

Villa Azzurra is located in the outskirts of the seaside holiday village of Torre San Gennaro, with its long sandy beaches, marina and small fishing harbour. Torre san Gennaro is just 2 kilometres from the seclusion of Villa Nicola and Villa Suzannah, with Villa Sun Beach being nearly another kilometre further south. The road along […]