The town of Alberobello, is basically divided into 2 parts, – the New Town and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the famous Old Town, the “Trulli Town” that ascends the slope facing the New Town opposite. The Trulli area again is divided into two main zones, the Aia Piccolo is less visited by tourists […]


The city port of Brindisi, known as “The Gate to the East”, started life as an Illyrian Greek colony, taken over by the Meassapians it fell to Rome in 300 BC. Remaining loyal to the Republic and resisting Caesars Imperialist ambitions, it was attacked by him, in 49, 42 and 40 BC. The most important […]


Located by the western shores of the Salento peninsular in the bay of Taranto on the Ionian sea, the founding of Gallipoli has been attributed to both colonists from Crete under their leader Idomeneus and alternatively the local Messapian inhabitants. Either way, Gallipoli expanded and grew to be a powerful and prosperous colony in the […]


In common with many towns of Southern Puglia, Lecce was founded by the Messapian civilisation prior to Roman encroachments. During the Greek-Trojan war it was referred to as Sybar, but received the name of Lupiae after its capture by Rome. The fall of the Western Roman Empire resulted in the usual merry-go round of sovereignty […]


This ancient city in the province of Taranto, bears evidence of habitation from Neolithic times. The first mention of what was to prove a brutal and tragic history was in 338 BC, when the King of Sparta died in battle below its walls as, for generations control of the region was contested by the indigenous […]


Matera, just across the border from Puglia, in the region of Basilicata, but we have is included as an itinerary in our guide because being 2 hours drive from our Villas it makes a fascinating excursion. Gouged through soft Tufa bedrock, the impressive gorge below the town of Matera, is riddled with natural gullies and […]


The seaside town of Monoploi was founded in the Byzantine era by survivors of the destruction of Egnathia (Ignazia) by the Ostrogoths in 545 AD. Destroyed again in 1042, the site passed under Norman control and the town was rebuilt along with the Santo Stefano Castle. In the middle ages the harbour was occasionally used […]


There are various hypothesis’s regarding the founding of Nardo, each having some archaeological support. One is that it was settled by Cretan migrants approx 3,000 BC, another suggests Egyptians were the original settlers. However, it remains irrefutable that by 1,000 years before Christ, it was a thriving Messapian community, later passing to Greek influence under […]


The city of Ostuni rests on a hill, dominating the olive groves below, and a view stretching through the haze towards the Adriatic about 10 kms distant. Originally settled by the Meassapians, it passed into Roman control after the Punic wars against Hannibal, and was resettled and rebuilt by evacuees mainly from coastal villages, looking […]


Otranto in common with much of Puglia boasts a rich and varied history. Originally a Greek colony, then the Roman port of Hydruntum, it is became part of the Byzantine Empire till later ruled by the Normans and Aragonese, who were responsible for building the fortified Citadel whose imposing defensive bulk dominates the Old Town […]

Santa Cesarea Terme

The charming and up-market spa town of Santa Cesareo Terme is located on a steep cliff side sheering down into deep blue water close inshore. Overlooking the sea the town stands in an area of outstanding beauty comprising part of the Costa Otranto National Park. A relatively new town, its development on a rocky coastline, […]

Santa Maria di Leuca

Simply called Leuca by the people of Puglia, the town of Santa Maria di Leuca straddles the area between two rocky tongues, at the foot of the promontory, standing at the extreme tip of the heel of Italy. From the headlands sanctuary above the town, and looking out over where the waters from the three […]