Many of our guests who holiday with us, just want to put their feet up and unwind, basking in the sunshine, lazing around the pool or relaxing on the sandy Adriatic beaches nearby. They intersperse this relaxation with strolling around the small seaside villages in the locality of Lendinuso, Torre san Gennaro and Casalabate, visiting the markets and enjoying the incredibly good value and wonderful cuisine and wines in the local shops and restaurants.

Other guests alternate this relaxation mode with days spent exploring the rich and varied culture, countryside and history of the tradition steeped region of Puglia. This is why we always recommend to our guests that they ought to consider hiring a car.

Within a short drive from our Villas are an amazing variety of different historical and architectural towns each with their own character and atmosphere, from the baroque and majestic city of Lecce, the cave towns of Matera and Gravina di Puglia, medieval hill-top towns like the white city of Ostuni, – the fortress port of Otranto, – Alberobello, the UNESCO “beehive” Trulli-town, – Brindisi, the ancient Roman port and the destination of the antique via Appia…. these are just a few of the many, and all containing a huge variety of cathedrals, churches, museums, historic piazza, monuments and a gastronomic delight of innumerable restaurants, trattoria and shopping opportunities.

Puglia boasts over 800 kms of coastline, studded with fortified medieval fort-towers still silently keeping watch over an unbroken chain of seaside villages, harbours and towns all interspersed with long stretches of sandy beaches and hidden rocky coves just waiting for you to explore, along both of the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines.

When you have done enough culture, dining, history and relaxing – then why not try somewhere fun and that the whole family will love ?

Two water parks are located within an easy drive of your Villa. “Splash” near Gallipoli and “Carris-Island” in Celino san Marco both containing numerous water features, rides and fun for families of all ages.

There is the amazing “Fasanolandia” at Fasano, rivalling any of the worlds best zoo and wildlife parks, complete with a drive through Safari boasting dozens of lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes (that will eat peanuts from your hand) a massive collection of other big-game and wildlife, dolphin/seal shows and a full sized fun park on-site with “white-knuckle” and water rides as well as a host of other attractions.

For shopaholics there are three full size malls within a 30 minute drive, each containing up to 60 shops and giving easy opportunities to cash in and spend those holiday budgets on those essential bargains !

There are so many Places in Puglia to suit all the family, all tastes and all interests, come and find your favourites while staying in a Place in Puglia Villa.