If fitness appeals to you on holiday, or just leisurely cycling to see more than is possible by just zooming past in a car, then bicycles are available to rent during your stay.

In late spring/early summer, and also in late summer/autumn, Puglia is a beautiful place to explore by bike, with carpets of early summer flowers throughout the countryside and under the canopy of the olive groves, or the rich grape harvest in the Autumn is worth seeing close up as well.

In high summer cycling may be best undertaken in the early morning or late evening as the sun can be very hot throughout the middle of the day, and de-hydration may be a problem unless you bring plenty of fluids.

Whether using them for sport or recreation, there is a myriad network of small roads and laneways winding around Puglia and through the extensive olive groves and coastal litoranea which are just perfect for a family cycling excursion, seeing the local sights at a slower pace than using the car, running messages from the local market stalls or shopping, or even just to visit the seafront bars and gelateria for a coffee or an ice cream whilst watching the world go by.

A choice of male or female style bikes are available for hire, and a week is the minimum hire period. The bikes come with a pump, lock and chain, and a tyre repair ki. We can arrange delivery of the bicycles to your villa and their collection and return afterwards at no extra cost to you.

Bicycle helmets are not supplied.

If you do not wish to repair any punctures that occur yourself, we can arrange for the bike to be collected for shop repair and returned again afterwards for an extra charge of fixing it.