Travel by Air,

Puglia throughout its history has been regarded as a gateway for trade and conquest. Today Puglia has transport and travel links which are both wide and varied.

The region boasts two airports, Brindisi – Salento airport in Southern Puglia (25 minutes away) and Bari Airport (90 minutes away). Both are recently rebuilt modern airports served by a wide variety of airlines. Airlines which use either or both include BA, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Ryanair, Easyjet, German Wings, Air Berlin and many more.

Direct flights are available to a large number of destinations spread right across the whole of Europe. Many of those European airports then have connecting flights to just about anywhere in the world.

Travel by Train

There is a widespread train system in Puglia connecting further outwards to the national and Continental European rail networks.

Puglia has numerous private rail companies and many small stations, thus ensuring easy access. The nearest railway stations to our Villas are at Squinzano and San Pietro Vernotico. Bigger railway hubs are located nearby in Lecce and Brindisi.

Travel by Car

The Italian motorway system is good. Travel is on a variety of roads. Toll motorways ( Autostrada ) are marked on maps as E or A roads. For the tolls you generally take a ticket at a booth when entering, and you pay the toll when finally leaving the system. These roads are all generally 3 lane highways which have 130 km speed limits.

Superstrada are two lane carraigeways and are marked as SS roads on maps. Superdtrada are toll free and generally have a 110 km speed limit. Most places in Italy are usually within about 20 minutes of an Auto or Superstrada highway, and this is certainly true in Puglia.

Both of Puglias airports have car-hire agencies available. There are a wide selection of car hire companies to choose from. Hertz, Avis, Maggiore, Thrifty, Eurocar, National and Dollar etc are loacted at both airports. Hire-cars are also available from other lesser known internet companies who generally operate a “skyscanner” type system. These search around on-line for the best rates available across your chosen pick-up/drop-off dates.

Travel by Boat

Puglia has two main ports with sailings of interest to our guests. These ports are located in the cities of Brindisi and Bari (25 and 90 minutes from our Villas ).

Ferry companies such as Grimaldi, Agoudimos, Ventouris Ferries, ANEK, Montenegro Lines, Adria and others operate from these two bases.  Sailings are to Greece, Montenegro, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Crete and also destinations further afield such as Egypt.