It is possible to enjoy holidays here in one of our Villas without the use of car hire. In the past, several families of our guests have chosen to do so. However we do strongly recommend having a vehicle when you holiday in one of our Villas. The lack of a hire car will prevent you from easily exploring the rich diversity of stunning land/ sea -scapes, historic towns and cultural attractions that Puglia offers.

Many of our European guests drive down to us and so bring their own car. If this is not practical or possible, or if you are arriving by plane – then the easiest way to arrange a hire car is to book it on-line.

Most airlines have linked up with hire car companies to offer the possibility of booking flights and car hire together.
This may result in slightly cheaper car hire. The other benefit is that the car hire companies is aware which flight you arriving on. (assuming you entered your flight number during the car reservation process) Then, if your flight is an evening one and is delayed for some reason, the car hire desk will be aware of your delay and will usually remain open.

  • Be aware that with many hire companies, the credit card used to reserve the car online must be in the same name as the person intending to drive.
  • It is possible to add additional drivers, different conditions apply with different companies.
  • Be aware what you are paying for. There are different excess terms, insurance options and fuel options etc on offer. Take the unlimited driving option, or you will pay for each and every kilometre that you drive over the limit. If you pre-pay for a tank of fuel then try to return it empty. If you don’t pre-pay for your fuel then make sure to return it with a full tank. Fill the car within 20 kms of the airport on its return or you will suffer heavy a financial penalty.
  • Check your car very carefully when collecting it. Any scratches, dents or damage which are not listed and marked on the documents you sign when collecting the vehicle, could result in your being billed for repairs on its return). Inspect the vehicle and get them to note every blemish.
  • If you are using the “key drop” facility after hours maybe perform the following. When the ignition is on, photograph the kilometre recorder and the fuel gauge showing full. Photograph the vehicle from each corner.
    In the event the vehicle is damaged after you have dropped the key, but BEFORE they inspect it, this will enable you to prove that there was no damage when you returned it and that the tank was full.
  • Respect the driving laws. Illegal parking or driving infractions will eventually result in the car hire company having to pay the fines and penalties. The car hire company will charge your credit card hefty fees in addition to the costs they pay to the police.
  • If coming from the UK make sure to remember to drive on the right in Italy. This may sound obvious. However in the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday, it is sometimes possible to forget this when leaving a car park.
  • In the event of an accident or theft. Inform the police and the car hire company at once.

However – nearly all  car hire is uneventful and trouble free. It is only the very odd occasion that there is an issue. If you observe the precautions above you will probably avoid many of them.

A google search for “car hire companies in Italy”  will produce a myriad of different companies for you to choose from. Far too many for us to list them all for you here.

Some car hire search engines can produce surprisingly good value on car hire as well.

During your holiday a hire car bestows the freedom to enjoy your hard earned vacation to its fullest, and opens up itineraries and sights not possible to experience without one.




We are delighted to announce that this year we have formed an association with Rhinocarhire. Therefore any guests booking a holiday with us can now avail of a 10% price discount when booking from

Rhinocarhire searches all the available options and then displays prices for all the main car hire companies. Our guests can then choose to rent a vehicle from whichever company they wish through

A link to the dedicated guests discount page at rhinocarhire will be included with the Booking Confirmation Form once a guest reserves a holiday with us. All that it then needed is to open that link, put in your holiday dates and request a quote accordingly.

We are confident and happy that this association agreement will save our guests £££’s and €€€’s on their holiday car hire costs.