TERRAVISION Airport shuttle service.

For the holiday maker who is thinking of travelling down to us by train there are various options. Arriving at either of Romes’ airports, you will need to get to the Termini train station in the city of Rome itself. This is a major station for both Italian and Puglian train travel.

The easiest and cheapest way of doing this is to take a Terravision shuttle. These travel every 30 minutes from the airport to Termini station and back.  The journey time is approx 40 minutes and it costs about €6 one way. Buying the tickets online gives priority boarding. If arriving at Ciampino airport by Ryanair it is possible to buy the tickets during the flight at a slight discount. This provides a time saving bonus on arrival.

To book online and for further details click this link www.terravision.eu  . They have a full list of the locations they service on their website.

Main-Line Trains

For travel on trains you need to validate your ticket BEFORE you board the train. Before boarding the train, you must get it validity stamped.

Do this by inserting it into one of the yellow box-like validator machine usually bolted to walls around the train station platforms. Failure to do so can result in fines and/or ejection at the next stop.

Italian train travel is comparatively cheap, efficient and yes they do run on time – even if often crowded. There are basically three train types.

Regionale (Regional trains)

Tending to be scheduled around work and school times. These local trains are the cheapest but often the most crowded. Tickets can be bought at the station. Usually just second class is available.


Faster trains that runn between the major cities. Both first and second class tickets are available. They can be bought at the station or they can be pre-reserved with the reservation fee included in cost.


Basically the same as Intercity but quicker. Tickets MUST be reserved in advance.

Eurostar ( ES or Treni Eurostar Italia )

Fast travel between cities, seats MUST be reserved in advance. Nothing to do with the Channel Tunnel train service between France and the UK

Buying a train ticket in Italy, does not guarantee a seat. Train tickets tickets can be bought at the station from either a kiosk or machine. Some travel agents sell them or buy online.

The Italian train system is called TreniItalia. Check schedules or buy on-line here www.trenitalia.com

Another useful link is www.italianrail.com

The nearest big stations to our holiday Villas for Puglian train travel are Lecce and Brindisi, both about 20 kms distant.

The nearest smaller stations are Squinzano and San Pietro Vernotico – both about 6kms distant